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A Parent's Guide to Kids and Money: Toddlers to Teens

For many of us, discussing money was off-limits as children. Questions were ignored or received vague, incomplete answers. But times have changed.

Today, you need to teach your kids good money habits and how to make sound spending, saving, and investing decisions. That's why we're offering MetLife's A Parent's Guide to Kids and Money: Toddlers to Teens workshop.

Preparing to Care for an Aging Parent

Preparing to Care for an Aging Parent workshop can help current and future caregivers better understand their roles and responsibilities, from exploring different types of care options to addressing legal and financial concerns.

Smart Money Moves

No matter your age or circumstances, there are ten tips to help you set yourself up for long-term financial success. From having a tax strategy and keeping an eye on your credit score to allocating assets and maximizing your retirement plans, there is something for everyone to learn.

Movimientos financieros inteligentes

Independientemente de su edad o situación, le ofrecemos diez consejos para ayudarlo a alcanzar el éxito financiero a largo plazo. Desde tener una estrategia fiscal y prestar atención a su puntaje crediticio hasta asignar activos y maximizar sus planes de jubilación, hay algo para que todos aprendan.

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