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If you want to learn more about Medical insurance and your insurance plan, here are some resources on how insurance works, how to use your plan, and Claim forms. You can also use the Search bar at the top of the page to search the entire site.

MetLife’s Expat Employee Benefits Trend Study 


Insights for expats 

Taking an assignment abroad can be an exciting experience. Yet, there are many challenges that accompany living and working abroad. What can you do to maximize the impact of care on your health and well-being?

General information on insurance 

Preventive care

Medical care can seem overwhelming, but it’s designed to offer you comprehensive healthcare coverage. Read more about the different types of benefits included in your plan and how they work.



How much will my care cost?


How to guides

Claim forms

If you need access to any of our various forms, they are provided below. If your employer is a US-based company, you are likely on a plan insured by Delaware American Life Insurance Company (DelAm). If your employer is a Canada-based company, you are likely on a Voyageur Global Benefits plan. You can pick the corresponding form below but if you aren’t sure, you can check the wording on your ID card.

For all forms, click the link and then save to your computer to fill out – you can fill out completely on the computer. Type your name in the signature line to sign. Email everything to us using the contact information on your ID card or as stated within the form. 

For reimbursements, fill out the Medical Claim form to submit all the information about the claim to us. Then fill out the Reimbursement form to tell us how to pay you back. Send both (preferably via email) to us.