If you haven’t yet left on assignment, here are some resources that can help you adjust to living and working abroad. Watch our pre-departure webinar video below, and then download our pre-departure checklist as a follow-up.

Pre-departure webinar

Watch our pre-departure webinar for an overview of what to think about as you begin your new assignment, including items to be sure you take with you prior to departure and what to do once you’ve arrived in your new host country.

Pre-departure checklist

Now that you’ve watched the webinar, here are all the takeaways and reminders we discussed, consolidated into a PDF for you. Print this list out and check off the items as you go for real-life guidance. Best of luck on your new adventure! 

Customized member welcome journey

Living far from home can come with unique life challenges. To help you through this exciting but tumultuous time, we’ve enhanced your onboarding process and are excited to enroll you in our member education journey – a series of emails on key topics about your MetLife benefits, program features, and tips on how to make the best of your assignment. The journey is unique to you and your family with candid, straightforward messaging that’s most relevant to your specific expat situation. Look for emails from

Need a Certificate of Coverage?

If you ever need to provide a Certificate of Coverage to verify your insurance benefits, apply for a visa, or any other reason, you can download this at the touch of a button on our website, eBenefits. If you need special wording (for example, Schengen States, The Russian Federation, or additional COVID language) please contact Customer Service to see if we can help.

eBenefits spotlight: travel tools

You can use the Travel Tools tab on eBenefits to get to know your new host country, read travel and transportation information, and help understand the medical infrastructure of your host country. Online travel tools include: risk map, global events, country risks, risk trends, comparative analysis, advisories, and more.