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Snoopy One and Snoopy Two like to stay busy. When we’re not covering events for various television networks, we welcome the opportunity to meet with the media, support community events with flyovers and receive visitors at the airport.

All you have to do is ask.* Submit your Event Request Form and you will be contacted regarding our availability.

Media Access

Schedule a meeting to interview our pilots and experience blimp operations up close. You’ll get a unique story about the blimp life and the one-of-a-kind perspective that blimps provide to the events we cover.
> Media Access Request


Schedule a blimp appearance at a designated location, event or function. Flyovers can be arranged over buildings, events, golf outings, festivals and a variety of other outdoor social activities.
> Flyover Request

On-site Airport Visits

Schedule a visit to the blimp for your group. This allows the public to see the blimp up close and in person. The visit will allow you to take pictures, speak with the pilots and even sit in the gondola!

Note, airport visits may not be available in all areas depending on the local airport’s security restrictions.
>On-site Airport Visit Request

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*As schedule permits


Blimp Merchandise

The MetLife Store has inflatable toy blimps, plus postcards and other interest blimp memorabilia.
Visit the blimp section of the MetLife Store

Blimp Events

If you are curious to know where the blimp will appear next and what events will be covered, check out the full schedule.

View the full calendar

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