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Blimp FAQs

Blimp FAQs


MetLife has full time blimps, “Snoopy One,” “Snoopy Two,” and "Snoopy J." Another blimp, "Snoopy 3," was launched for a limited time in the summers of 2007 and 2008 to provide additional aerial coverage of sporting events. In the past, a MetLife Blimp has also flown over China, covering special community events.

There is also a MetLife Blimp that flies in China. The blimp in China is focused on MetLife and special community events rather than the coverage of major sporting events as it is here. The MetLife Blimp will fly a total of just under 500 hours spread across three provinces; Guangdong, Liaoning, Chongqing.



MetLife leases the blimps from a company called The Lightship Group. For further information visit



Together, “Snoopy One” and “Snoopy Two” combine to travel approximately 120,000 miles per year.



In a typical year, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two" combine to cover approximately 70 events for networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN and The Golf Channel. The two blimps also provide over 100 flyovers and visits for special events in a given year.



Only about 4 people plus the pilot can fly in the blimp at one time and only the cameraman, pilot and TV equipment will fit on the airship when it is providing aerial television coverage.



14. Two pilots and twelve crew members. The ground crew includes electronic engineers, mechanics, licensed radio technicians, and riggers. In addition to these highly specialized personnel, each MetLife Blimp operation requires five ground support vehicles; to move the blimp and crew from one location to the next.



Due to high altitudes and challenging terrain, the blimps do not fly in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain area, Alaska or Hawaii.



The MetLife Blimps do not have a home base. The blimps stay at airports close to the events they are covering. In general, “Snoopy One” spends most of the year in the South, Northeast and Midwest. It spends the winter in Florida. “Snoopy Two” spends the summer in the Northeast and Midwest, but the winter in California, Arizona and Nevada.



The MetLife Blimp schedule can be found on the Appearance Schedule. The schedule does change on a regular basis so check back often for the most up-to-date schedule.



The length of stay depends on whether the blimp is passing through town to another final destination or is in the area to cover a special event. If it is just passing through it will most likely only be in town for one day unless weather keeps it there longer. If it is in town to cover an event, however, it will remain there for the duration of the event.



Yes. The MetLife Blimps can perform a flyover at your event! Simply complete the Blimp Event Request form.

We try to fulfill as many requests as possible, but all requests are subject to blimp availability, which is dictated by an extremely full television coverage schedule.



Yes. The MetLife blimps are available for private airport visits/tours! Simply complete the Blimp Event Request form.

We try to fulfill as many requests as possible, but all requests are subject to blimp availability, which is dictated by an extremely full television coverage schedule.

Please do not attempt to visit the blimp on your own. Airport security is very tight and will not permit people access to the blimp without the proper permission.



Visitors will have the chance to see the blimp up-close. They will also have the opportunity to take pictures, ask the pilot and crew members questions and sit in the gondola.



Maximum number of guests is 40 per visit/tour. However, if you have a larger group size we will do our best to accommodate multiple visits/tours.



There is no cost associated with an airport visit/tour or event flyover. Requests are simply subject to the availability of the blimps.



Due to weather and operational issues, the blimp schedule is always subject to change. If the visit or fly over is cancelled, we'll do our best to reschedule, but we can not guarantee that the blimp schedule will permit.



Requests can be made at anytime. If the blimp television schedule is not confirmed for the time of your request, the request will be held on file.



Unfortunately not. Due to tight scheduling timelines, it is not standard practice to offer rides in the MetLife Blimps.



The MetLife Blimps do not have an electronic message board so we cannot display personal messages.



The blimps can be illuminated and can fly at night. Click here to see photos of the blimp, including several of the blimp flying at night.



A selection of premium items is available at the MetLife store, which can be found online on the Blimp Merchandise page.


1 Fly overs and visits are weather and operational permitting. Schedules are subject to change.


Blimp Events

If you are curious to know where the blimp will appear next and what events will be covered, check out the full schedule.

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