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Blimp Public Relations

Blimp Public Relations

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From partnering with Sports Illustrated and The New York Times for impressive aerial photography to local television news stories featuring the blimp and its crew, the MetLife blimps are no strangers to the media around the country.

Since its conception in 1987, the goal of the MetLife Blimp program has been to increase awareness of the company. Focusing on providing aerial coverage of high profile events, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two" cover over 80 events annually for NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN and TGC.

In between its aerial television coverage, MetLife provides blimp-related support for local events and groups, such as those for schools, community-based groups and non-profit organizations.

Media visits are also available.

Media Access

Schedule a meeting to interview our pilots and experience the blimp operations up-close. Tell a unique story about the "blimp life" and the one of a kind perspective the blimps provide to the events they cover.

Shedule your media visit today!

Press Release About the MetLife Blimps

Click here to read a press release on the program's 20th Anniversary.

Pictures taken from the MetLife Blimps

Click here to view pictures of the MetLife Blimps, as well as groundbreaking shots taken from the MetLife Blimps.

*Note: Due to the high volume of requests received, MetLife only responds directly to those opportunities which are consistent with its corporate guidelines and the Blimp's overall program mission.


Event Request

MetLife Blimp Event Request
Want the blimp to fly over your event or visit it at the airport?
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Meet the Pilots

Six things you should know about piloting a blimp.

Read the article (PDF)

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