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Blimp Photo Gallery

Blimp Photo Gallery

Metlife Side Blimp

Spending, on average, 50 weeks a year soaring above the United States, the MetLife Blimps have plenty of photo opportunities both taking the photos and being the objects of them.

Over the past 20 years, the MetLife Blimps have gone through a series of changes in their branding. From the original “Get Met, It Pays” slogan to the  tagline “Guarantees for the if in life,” the blimps have transformed over time to coincide with and support the MetLife brand. In 2011, the blimps underwent a face lift and are now sporting a new design.

Click on the links below to check out galleries of images of the blimps in noteworthy locations, pictures taken from the blimps, and a photographic history of the MetLife Blimps.


Blimp Events

If you are curious to know where the blimp will appear next and what events will be covered, check out the full schedule.

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