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Photos of the Blimps

Photos of the Blimps

Snoopy One and Snoopy Two are branded with the MetLife company logo on one side and the corporate tagline “for the if in life” on the other. The 2008 Snoopy Three has our logo and "for the if in life" on one side and "" on the other. Below is a collection of images of Snoopy One, Snoopy Two, and Snoopy Three in action.

Photos of the Blimps Across the Country

Blimp And Cows Sm
Cows Visit the Blimp (953kb)

Snoopy 2sm
Wild Fires in Tustin, CA (644kb)

Snoopy Two Sm
Snoopy Two over L.A. (474kb)
Photo Credit: Aaron Fitzgerald,

Blimp Pebble 04005 Sm
Ready for Take-off in California (1.17mb)

Blimpat Solberg Airport Thumb1
Snoopy Two over Solberg Airport, NJ (43.4kb)

Blimp in Tulsa,OK
Blimp in Tulsa,OK (173kb)

If In Life
If In Life (409kb)

Life (274kb)

For the If In Life
For the If In Life (531kb)

MetLife (440kb)

Snoopy 2 in Hangar
Snoopy 2 in Hangar (293kb)

Snoopy in Hangar
Snoopy in Hangar (644kb)

MetLife Blimps
MetLife Blimps (825kb)

Over the Hudson
MetLife Blimps over the Hudson River (587kb)

Sunset (351kb)

Snoopy 1 and 2
Snoopy 1 and 2 (440kb)


Blimp Events

If you are curious to know where the blimp will appear next and what events will be covered, check out the full schedule.

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Blimp Merchandise

The MetLife Store has inflatable toy blimps, plus postcards and other interest blimp memorabilia.
Visit the blimp section of the MetLife Store

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