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Advertising plays a key role in bringing the brand to life. The “I Can Do This” campaign is intended to empower, enable, and inspire everyone to take action.


MetLife is committed to serving customers in all communities. Our Multicultural advertising targets the African-American, Chinese-American, South Asian and Hispanic markets and demonstrate MetLife’s understanding of the diverse needs of these populations.



MetLife is a champion of diversity. From our award winning supportive work environment to providing a range of products suitable for every family and situation. MetLife demonstrates that we understand what matters most in your life.

Employer & Broker

Employer and Broker advertising campaigns are targeted to both Intermediaries (Brokers and Consultants) who recommend employee benefits to Employers and those Employers (HR/Benefits Managers and CFOs) who provide these benefits to their employees.



As the most recognized blimps in the country, the MetLife Blimps have become a vital part of sports television coverage as well as an invaluable icon of MetLife.


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