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South Asian

South Asian Advertising

Passing Down Values

The South Asian Brand Advertising Campaign was created to reinforce MetLife’s understanding of the South Asian consumers and their specific financial needs.

The campaign features six TV commercials that capture intimate cultural moments in the lives of South Asian Americans. At MetLife, we are committed to helping consumers protect those they care about most. With the confidence and security of MetLife, they can also continue to pass down a secure financial future for their loved ones.

The campaign launched with our new Hindi tagline “Aapki zindagi mein aapke saath.” (“With you in your life.”)









“Standing Ovation”

Standing Ovation-1

Standing Ovation-2-150x120.jpg

Standing Ovation-3-150x120.jpg

Cultural Celebrations

Holi Hai!

In support of our South Asian customers, MetLife Diverse Markets Marketing created advertising that recognizes Holi, ‘Festival of Colors.’ It’s a popular spring festival celebrated by Indians (mostly by Hindus). This celebration demonstrates that it’s important to recognize cultural festivities and to pass these values and rituals down to your children. In addition, it demonstrates that it’s equally important to pass down a secure financial future and in doing so MetLife can help you and your family continue to enjoy these special, ‘colorful’ moments in life.

Holi Festival Print (168kb)



For South Asian Americans, the Festival of Diwali is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. During this “festival of lights”, as it’s commonly known, South Asian communities celebrate the beginning of a new year and share new hopes for prosperity. For MetLife, it’s a wonderful opportunity to speak to consumers when they’re thinking about those they love most. The print creative demonstrates MetLife’s understanding and commitment to the South Asian community. It communicates that MetLife joins the South Asian community in celebrating Diwali and is committed to helping consumers plan for a secure financial future.

2008 Diwali Final Print Thumbnail
Diwali Festival Print (45.6kb)


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