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Customer Focus

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Customer Focus

MetLife serves approximately 100 million customers in more than 40 around the world. We provide individuals and families with security and freedom from financial worries, no matter what happens in their lives. Our customers turn to us in some of their most difficult moments, so being easy to work with is one of our highest priorities. We listen deeply to customer concerns, conduct thorough research to understand customer needs and strive to improve their experience with MetLife.

Our corporate strategy established customer centricity as one of four key objectives, signaling the importance we place on putting customer needs first. We are actively striving to embed customer centricity in all that we do:

Measuring Our Performance

MetLife aims to provide exemplary service at every point of contact. In addition to rNPS we also measure success through a "Transactional Net Promoter Score," or TNPS. This metric shows how often our customers would recommend us to others. It is based upon their experience with MetLife at various interaction points—what we call "moments of truth."

We have drastically improved our Net Promoter Scores:

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Connect With Us

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Our Purpose & Values

We are guided by a clear purpose and sound values that connect and guide us in everything we do.

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