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Our Priorities & Goals

Our Priorities and Goals

Working in partnership with our employees, customers and business partners, MetLife can influence meaningful change in minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reducing energy consumption, eliminating waste, implementing more sustainable ways of working and living, and engaging in responsible sourcing.

MetLife Environmental Priorities

MetLife's Corporate Real Estate and Services (CRES) team leads the company's environmental management efforts and develops programs to address MetLife's environmental priorities. These include:

  • Implement initiatives to mitigate MetLife's direct and indirect GHG emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption through effective energy-management policies
  • Improve the environmental and financial performance of MetLife facilities
  • Facilitate waste reduction, recycling and reuse efforts globally
  • Engage employees on environmental issues and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Work with suppliers to reduce environmental impacts

MetLife Environmental Goals

  • Reduce total energy consumption by ten percent by 2017* from a 2010 baseline
  • Achieve a 65 percent waste diversion rate from landfill by 2016*
  • Increase LEED-certified workspace to four million square feet by 2017
  • Achieve zero Scope 2 emissions annually via MetLife's green energy purchasing strategies*
  • Reduce water consumption by 30 percent by 2016* from a 2010 baseline
  • Engage 90 percent of MetLife's critical and high impact suppliers by 2017 through the company's supply chain sustainability program

For the US-owned and –managed office portfolio. As we re-evaluate emissions reductions targets in the future, we will take into account the company's expanded global footprint.