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Waste Management

Waste Management

MetLife carefully considers its use of natural resources, including materials and water. We seek out innovative ways to reuse and recycle paper, electronics equipment and other office supplies. In 2013, we recycled more than 1,400 tons of waste, representing more than 55 percent of the total waste produced from our U.S.-owned and -managed office buildings.

We also aim to eliminate waste at the source. One way we have accomplished this is by changing the company's use of paper. MetLife's "e-delivery" practices have greatly reduced the number of statements and reports we print, as customers can now receive this information electronically. By reducing our paper use, we can enhance customer convenience, save money and help the environment, too.

Spotlight: Our Electronic Waste Recycling Program

In 2013, as part of MetLife's electronic waste responsible disposal program, the company diverted more than 550,000 pounds of hazardous waste for reuse or recycling purposes. This program yielded an environmental benefit equivalent to:

  • Enough electricity to power 19,730 houses for a year
  • Removing 3,670 cars from the road for a year
  • Hazardous weight reduction equivalent to the weight of 1,153 bricks

MetLife's Electronic Waste Recycling Program

Water Conservation

Water conservation is also an important priority. MetLife invests in water-efficient technologies and implements water-reduction strategies to minimize water consumption. Due to these efforts, which include efficient fixture installation, green irrigation practices and facility management improvements, MetLife has saved more than 29 million gallons of water since 2010.