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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs

In 2015, MetLife launched the Wellness for Life program focusing on healthy diets, physical activity, sleep, and disease prevention. We continue to raise awareness around key health concepts, and provide employees with opportunities to practice healthy behaviors. Additionally, the Wellness for Life program shared these messages about health concepts through two global “Spotlight Initiatives.” This program gave employees the opportunity to practice related healthy behaviors throughout the year, such as eating fruits and vegetables, learning relaxation techniques, and receiving vaccinations. By adopting a more health-minded culture, we are creating a workplace where employees are getting healthy without having to think about it.

In 2016, our global wellness program rolled two enterprise wide-campaigns. The Eat, Move, Sleep Campaign challenged employees to eat healthy foods, move often and get plenty of rest. The Prevention Toolkit offered resiliency tools to help employees manage their health.

Healthful Workspaces

We also take associate well-being into account in designing healthful workspaces.

Light, space, healthy food options, exercise facilities—MetLife considers these the basic elements of a culture of workplace wellness. We have recently focused on bringing these design elements into our newly constructed and existing offices—exemplified by our new Investment Headquarters in Whippany, New Jersey, and our new 200 Park campus in New York City. These locations provide employees with sit-stand desks, treadmill workstations, full equipped fitness centers, meditation and wellness rooms, and outdoor walking trails in Whippany. We view these amenities as integral features of a healthful work environment that maximizes employee engagement, health, and productivity.


2016 Global Impact

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