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Our Global Impact

Our Global Impact

For 147 years – long before the term ‘corporate responsibility' was coined – MetLife has operated as a good corporate citizen. Building on our long legacy of excellence, we are committed to ensuring a future in which we can continue helping people, families and communities around the world expand tomorrow's possibilities.

We invest in our vision of global impact by:

  • offering products that benefit people, families and communities;
  • using our expertise and financial strength responsibly to create value and drive economic growth;
  • advancing financial understanding, opportunity and inclusion for all; and
  • operating with integrity and transparency in all that we do.

"Part of being a great corporate citizen means ensuring we have the right policy framework in place to maximize value for customers, shareholders, and employees. MetLife takes this responsibility seriously and works hard to ensure that its voice is heard at the state, national and international levels."

Michael Zarcone, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs.

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Our Customer Focus


We invest in being there for you when you need us.

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MetLife & the Environment


2014 Carbon Disclosure Project Score of 99 and a Performance Band of “B” for continuous improvements year-over-year.

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