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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is at the heart of our ability to keep our promises to our customers. We proactively identify and address potential risks to our business—internal and external—so that we can succeed for the long term.

Steven Goulart

Our Risk Management Approach

MetLife has a robust risk management framework in place. Our Global Chief Risk Officer and regional risk management officers around the world implement governance processes and policies, while forecasting and responding to local and regional risks.

Our risk management approach is centered on our employees. We focus on training, not just for managers and risk officers, but for every employee, so that they can help us identify, manage and mitigate risk. Our "Three Lines of Defense" framework puts employees on the front lines of managing risks as an integral part of their day-to-day work.

MetLife has carefully built and maintained a comprehensive platform for managing risk over the past century and a half. We devote significant attention to continually improving our risk management policies and systems. For example we:

  • Each year, MetLife's Board of Directors must review and approve an updated “Risk Appetite Statement” that identifies the risks MetLife is willing to assume and outlines related roles and responsibilities for employees
  • Require each employee to affirm their commitment to the Code of Conduct each year
  • Created an interactive module on the Three Lines of Defense framework, which 98% of employees completed by December 31st, 2016
  • Conducted the “Global Ethics Assessment” in 2015 to raise awareness about ethics and encourage employees to share concerns

Reducing Risks of Corruption

Corruption violates the public trust, threatens economic and social development and substantially impedes fair trade. Accordingly, MetLife has a zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of corruption and bribery, whether committed by our employees or by third parties acting on behalf of MetLife.

MetLife’s Global Anti-Corruption Policy documents enterprise-wide minimum guidelines and procedures for anti-corruption compliance. Recent revisions reflect our efforts to continually enhance the ways in which we manage and mitigate corruption risks and foster a culture of compliance. Each MetLife employee has a responsibility to read, understand, and uphold the spirit of the Global Anti-Corruption Policy. Compliance with the policy is integral to promoting transparency, fairness, and “doing the right thing,” as well as maintaining our reputation for trustworthiness and integrity.