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Personal Accident Insurance

Focus on recovery—not on your finances.
Accidents can happen when you least expect them. And while you can’t always prevent them, you can get help to make your recovery less expensive and stressful.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance provides a financial cushion for life’s unexpected events. You can use it to help pay costs that aren’t covered by your medical plan. It provides you with a lump-sum payment —one convenient payment all at once — when you or your family need it most.  The extra cash can help you focus on getting back on track, without worrying about finding the money to help cover the costs of treatment.  

  • This plan provides a lump-sum payment for over 150 different covered events, such as these:
    Fractures1, dislocations1, second and third degree burns, skin grafts, torn knee cartilage, ruptured disc, concussions, cuts/lacerations, eye injuries, coma, broken teeth.
  • You receive a lump-sum payment when you have these covered medical services/treatments as the result of an accident occurring outside of work:2 
    Ambulance, emergency care, inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, medical testing benefits (including X-rays, MRIs, CT scans), physician follow-up visits, transportation, therapy services (including physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy).
  • Payments are made directly to you.
    You decide how to spend the money: Pay for medical expenses not covered by your plan, like copays or deductibles, or for non-medical needs like household bills, childcare or home modifications.
  • You won't be denied coverage.
    You and your eligible family members are guaranteed coverage, as long as you are actively at work.3 That means no medical exam and no hassle.
  • Access to additional services.
    Amazon offers Social Security Disability Advocacy and Advisory Services (DAS), provided through SSDC Services Corp (SSDC), as an added service that is included as part of Amazon’s employee-paid Personal Accident and Critical Illness insurance plans. Amazon’s employees enrolled in the Personal Accident and Critical Illness plans have access to the DAS benefit4, which can help you obtain Social Security Disability Income benefits if your accident or illness is serious enough for you to be permanently disabled for at least twelve months.To determine if your accident and disability qualify for Disability Advocacy Services through SSDC, call SSDC Services Corp. at 866-587-2853.4

This plan provides protection for covered events experienced while off the job only

What is covered?

Here are some of the more utilized covered events/services. 

Benefit Type2 MetLife Accident Insurance Pays YOU
Fractures1 – Closed $320 – $4,000
Fractures1 - Open $640 - $8,000
Dislocations1 - Closed $25 - $3,000
Dislocations1 - Open $50 - $6,000
Second and Third Degree Burns $100 - $20,000
Concussions $200
Cuts/Lacerations $25 – $400
Eye Injuries $250
Broken Tooth Benefit Crown = $150, Extraction = $50, Filling = $10
Medical Services & Treatment  
Ambulance Ground transportation $200, Air transportation $1,000
Emergency Care Emergency Room - $100
Physician’s Office - $30
Urgent Care - $30 
Physician Follow-Up $30
Therapy Services
(including physical therapy)
$15 - $30
Medical Testing Benefit – CT, CAT, MRI, EEG, Ultrasound, NCV $200
Medical Testing Benefit – X-ray $125
Prosthetic Device Benefit $500
Medical Appliances Up to $100
Inpatient Surgery Up to $1,000
Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery $100
Hospital5 Coverage (Accident)  
Admission $1,000 per accident
Confinement (non-ICU confinement paid for up to 60 days. Supplemental ICU confinement benefit paid for up to 15 days.) $200 (non-ICU)
$200 (ICU), per day
Coma $10,000
Inpatient Rehab (paid per accident) $75 a day, up to 15 days
Paralysis Benefit Two Limbs (paraplegia or hemiplegia) - $5,000
Four Limbs (quadriplegia) - $10,000
Other Benefits  
Lodging6 - Pays for lodging for companion up to 30 nights per calendar year $100 per night, up to 30 days, up to $3,000 in total lodging benefits available per calendar year

Benefit Payment Example

The example below illustrates an employee who elected the Family Accident plan.

Kathy’s daughter, Molly, plays soccer on the high school team. During a game, she collided with an opposing player, was knocked unconscious and taken to the local emergency room by ambulance for treatment. The ER doctor diagnosed a concussion and a broken tooth. He ordered a CT scan to check for facial fractures too, since Molly’s face was very swollen. Molly was released to her primary care physician for follow-up treatment, and her dentist repaired her broken tooth with a crown. Depending on her health insurance, Kathy’s out-of-pocket costs could run into hundreds of dollars to cover expenses like insurance co-payments and deductibles. MetLife Group Accident Insurance payments can be used to help cover these unexpected costs.

Covered Event2 Benefit Amount7
Ambulance (ground) $200
Emergency Care $100
Physician Follow-Up ($30 x 2) $60
Medical Testing $200
Concussion $200
Broken Tooth (repaired by crown) $150
Benefits paid by MetLife
Group Accident Insurance
Who is eligible to enroll for this Personal Accident coverage? Collapsed Expanded

If you are a regular full-time, part-time or reduced-time employee, you are eligible to enroll yourself and your eligible family members. You need to enroll during your Enrollment Period and be actively at work for your coverage to be effective.

Amazon’s employees enrolled in the Personal Accident plan have access to the DAS benefit. After contacting SSDC, they will advise and help determine your eligibility to receive Social Security Disability Income benefits.4

I have a good medical plan at work. Why do I need personal accident insurance? Collapsed Expanded

Because accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, when you least expect them and they can be costly. You hurt your back while doing home repairs, your child is injured while on the playground or playing sports or your spouse slips on the stairs.

Even quality medical plans can leave you with extra expenses to pay. Costs like plan deductibles, copays for doctor and emergency room care, testing and supplies or extra costs for out-of-network care may not be covered. Many people aren’t financially prepared to handle these extra costs. Having the extra financial support if the time comes may mean less worry for you and your family.

Can I enroll for this insurance without having to take a medical exam? Collapsed Expanded

Yes! Your personal accident coverage is guaranteed issue,3 which means your acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of your health. You just need to be actively at work for your coverage to be effective. There are no medical exams to take and no health questions to answer.

How do I pay for my coverage? Collapsed Expanded

Premiums will be conveniently paid through payroll deduction, so you don’t have to worry about writing a check or missing a payment.

Is there a waiting period before my coverage begins? Collapsed Expanded

No. Your coverage will be in force on the effective date of your coverage. There are no waiting periods to satisfy.

Are benefits paid directly to me or to my health care provider? Collapsed Expanded

Payments will be paid directly to you, not to the doctors, hospitals or other health care providers. You will receive a check, payable to you, for maximum convenience.

What happens if my employment status changes? Can I take my coverage with me? Collapsed Expanded

Yes, you can take your personal accident insurance coverage with you.8 You will need to continue to pay your premiums to keep your coverage in force. Your coverage will only end if you stop paying your premium or if your employer offers you similar coverage with a different insurance carrier.

Does this plan help me cover any other out-of-pocket costs? Collapsed Expanded

Yes, you can use your payment as you see fit. Use it to help cover your medical insurance deductibles, copays, household bills and more.

Are all accidents covered by this plan? Collapsed Expanded

While over 150 accidents are covered under this plan, accidents or injuries occurring at or due to your occupation are not covered. Workers compensation may offer protection in these instances. Refer to your certificate of coverage for a comprehensive list of covered accidents.