What Is A Statement of Health?

If you’re enrolling in or making changes to a group life insurance or disability plan, you may be asked to complete a Statement of Health (SOH), also known as Medical Evidence of Insurability. Completing it is key to ensuring you and your loved ones have the coverage you need — but it’s not nearly as difficult (or as clinical) as it sounds.

What is a Statement of Health?

It’s a document containing a series of questions about your overall health. Depending on your plan and the coverage you want, a statement of health is necessary to meet underwriting rules and to complete your application.

When would I need to complete a Statement of Health?

There are lots of situations based on your life changes and your company’s benefits plan. For example, you may be:

  • Requesting an amount of coverage that exceeds the maximum guaranteed issue amount in your plan
  • Enrolling after an enrollment period closes, perhaps because you’re adding a dependent
  • Reconsidering your choices after waiving all or part of your employer-paid insurance

Is the information confidential?

Yes. Insurers have strict standards for privacy and confidentiality. The Consumer Privacy Statement you receive with an SOH will give you more information.

Is there a time limit on submitting my Statement of Health form?

That depends on your group plan. Typically, you have 60 days to complete and return the form.

Can I complete a Statement of Health online?

If that’s an option under your plan, there are benefits to doing so. It’s quick and easy and you may get a faster decision. Visit your enrollment website for more information.

What if I have an existing medical condition? Should I still complete a Statement of Health?

Yes. Even people with relatively serious medical issues may still be eligible for insurance coverage.

Does a Statement of Health require a doctor’s visit?

Not typically. However, if you answer “yes” to questions on the SOH, you may be asked to submit an Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) or undergo a paramedical exam.

What’s a paramedical exam?

It’s a simple physical exam, arranged by your insurer and performed by a medical professional. It takes approximately 30 minutes at no cost to you. The need for one is determined by your answers on the SOH form, your age and the amount of insurance you are requesting.

If you have additional questions about your Statement of Health, talk to your HR manager, employer or benefits provider.

If you’re a MetLife group customer, please call 1-800-638-6420 (prompt 1) to talk with a specialist about your SOH. For technical assistance regarding online access and completion, please call 1-877-9METWEB (1-877-963-8932).