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Car Safety

Tips for Renting a Car
Planning a Roadtrip? 5 Tips for Rental Car Safety
Planning a roadtrip? Enjoy your journey with these rental car safety tips.
Tips for Driving on Icy Roads
How to Drive on Icy Roads
Icy roads are one of winter’s biggest dangers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay safe. Follow these winter driving tips.
What to Keep in Your Trunk During the Winter
What to Keep in the Trunk This Winter
Low temperatures and winter weather can create hazardous road conditions. Be prepared for road emergencies with these supplies.
Car Safety During the Winter
5 Changes to Make to Your Car This Winter
Cold weather can be harsh on vehicles. Are you prepared? Follow these tips to help your car run safely this winter.
Distracted Driving
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 8: Prevent Distracted Driving
Teen drivers are some of the most easily distracted drivers on the road. In fact, teenagers make up the largest proportion of drivers reported as distracted at the time of a fatal crash. Teach your teen how to avoid distracted driving with these life-saving tips.
Better Communication While Driving
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 7: Communicating On The Road
Drivers cannot rely on words to communicate on the road. Help your teen learn how to effectively interact with other drivers on the road through signs and signals. Teach your teen these communication tips while driving.
Merging Safely While Driving
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 6: Merging, Yielding and Passing
Timing is everything when deciding when to enter, exit, join, or cross traffic. New drivers have to learn to judge the time, or “gaps” between vehicles in order to make safe decisions. These tips can help your teen learn how to merge, wield and pass safely.
Keeping Safe Space Around Your Vehicle
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 5: Safe Space and the Vehicle
It’s important to teach your teen how much space to leave to the right and left of the vehicle, so they can maneuver, change directions and avoid tight places while driving. Learn more about keeping safe space around your vehicle.
Controlling Speed While Driving
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 4: Controlling Speed
It’s very important to help your teen avoid speeding as a new driver, which can often contribute to traffic accidents. Find out how you can help your teen make good driving decisions when it comes to controlling speed.
How to Follow in Traffic Safely
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 3: Following in Traffic
Keeping a safe following distance (how far you are behind the vehicle in front of you) is key to preventing a collision while driving. These tips can help you teach your teen how to follow in traffic.
Helping a New Driver See Better
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 2: Helping Your New Driver See
One of the most important aspects of safe driving is learning where to look, when to look and how to do it well. Find out how you can teach your new driver to see better on the road.
How to Teach Your Teen to Drive
Teach Your Teen to Drive Without Driving Each Other Crazy
Even as an experienced driver, you may find it difficult to teach your teen safe driving techniques that come naturally to you. These tips can help guide your driving lessons.
Your Guide to Windshield Wipers
A Guide to Windshield Wipers
Windshield wipers aren’t considered a safety feature, but they do play a big part in drivers’ safety. Learn how to maintain your windshield wipers.
Tips for Buying a Safe Used Car
5 Safety Features Every Used Car Should Have
Used vehicles can be a great choice for budget-conscious buyers. But don’t trade safety for savings when you shop for a preowned car. Don’t miss these used car safety features.