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Design Basics

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Clear Space

Using the appropriate amount of space around our logo will help create a positive impression and impact.

A minimum amount of clear space must always surround the MetLife logo, separating it from other elements such as headlines, text, or imagery. The protected area is equal to the cap height of the MetLife “M” and is proportional to the size of the signature being used.

Please see the Identity Band section below for the measurements used when the MetLife logo is placed in the identity band.

As of 2009, the MetLife logo does not need to include the “®” registered mark. While the MetLife mark is still registered, there is not a requirement for the “®” symbol to be applied. Removal of the “®” mark from the logo should occur on a going forward basis. There is no need to destroy or reprint current materials to accommodate this change. This change applies to the corporate logo only.

Logo Usage - clearspace-small.gif Clear Space
Example of proper use of clear space.

Minimum Size

Careful consideration should be given when determining the size of the MetLife logo. When it is too small it can be ineffective. The minimum size for the logo should be 1 pica for the height of the “M” in MetLife.

Minimum Logo Size


The preferred color for the MetLife logo is MetLife Blue (Pantone 285). Acceptable alternatives are for the logo to be reversed out in white or reproduced in black.

Logo Usage - logouse-blue.gif

Logo Usage - logouse-reverse.gif

Logo Usage - logouse-black.gif

MetLife blue



Identity Band

It is important for the identity band to maintain consistent placement and proportions across communications.

For a standard 8.5” x 11” brochure (with a portrait orientation), the band height is 4 picas. For a 4” x 9” slim brochure, the band height is 3 picas.

The MetLife logo always appears on the left with Snoopy on the right. The identity band can be used in MetLife blue, black or as a transparent band.

Snoopy’s size should be 3x. The white of Snoopy’s feet should be aligned with the baseline of the MetLife logo.

When Snoopy is used, the PEANUTS copyright should appear. Preferred usage is in the document signature. If a signature or other footnote is not used, “© PNTS” should appear to the left of Snoopy’s foot, in type 6 pt. or smaller.


This diagram reflects the recommended size, weight,and placement of the text for the back of an 8.5” x 11” brochure. It is based around the variable x, which represents the height of the MetLife “M” used on the accompanying front cover.

Design Basics - signature.jpg


Consistent typography adds dimension, distinctiveness, and personality to all communications. Frutiger and Minion have been chosen as one of the preferred primary type families for the MetLife system. Arial and Times New Roman are acceptable alternatives for PC-based applications.

Design Basics - logo-font.gif


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