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Using with a 3rd Party Logo

There are often business or legal requirements that suggest or dictate the use of third party logos, for reasons such as a joint offering, partnership, or an endorsement.

MetLife Superior

Third-party logos of subsidiaries and partners are clearly subordinated to the MetLife logo and should be placed in a way that they compete as little as possible with the MetLife logo. The subsidiary’s logo should be placed in the lower right corner of the brochure, in a size approximately 50% of the MetLife logo. The MetLife logo with Snoopy should appear in the identity band in its standard position.

MetLife Superior Example

Third Party Logo - metlife-superior.jpg

MetLife Equal

The MetLife logo should not appear in the identity band, but should be rendered in MetLife Blue (or other acceptable color) and aligned with the other company’s (or companies’) logos at the bottom corner of the brochure. Preferable placement is for the MetLife logo to appear in the lower right of the page.

MetLife Equal Example

Third Party Logo - metlife-equal.jpg

MetLife Subordinate

In instances where the MetLife logo is subordinate to another company’s logo, the preferred positioning is the lower right hand corner of the page.

MetLife Subordinate Example

Third Party Logo - metlife-subordinate.jpg


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