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Intelligent and understandable. Part of being easy to do business with is being approachable. Clear language helps create trust. While we are financial experts, our customers are not necessarily financial experts, too. Therefore, we do not use jargon. For example:

Instead of:Use:
Three Risks in retirementFactors that affect your retirement
Longevity riskHaving enough money to last as long as you live
Market riskParticipating in market gains while managing downside risk
Inflation riskBeing able to afford to maintain your lifestyle

We are clear, correct, contemporary and straightforward. We are optimistic, offering solutions, not problems. We do not use scare tactics.

Instead of this:
Odds are that over half of you will live past age 85 and one in four will live past age 92. You don’t want to use your retirement assets too soon and end up with no financial options late in life.

We say this:
People are living longer and spending more time enjoying retirement. You’d like to ensure you will have enough to enjoy your future. When you retire, you’ll want to be able to do more of the things that you enjoy like travel, hobbies, and spending time with family and friends. You are saving as much as you can and you’d like to make the most of everything you have.

Informative titles, headlines and subheads will help guide consumers and help them scan the copy.

A good way to test copy is to read it aloud. Does it flow easily as your speak it? It should, if it is friendly, informal and informative. Does it give you a sense of satisfaction? It should, if it is clever, simple and well-organized.


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