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Vision PPO

Vision PPO

MetLife Vision, our vision preferred provider organization (PPO) product, offers a low-cost way to enhance your clients' employee benefits package, and help them manage costs and promote employee productivity and satisfaction.

Clear reasons to recommend MetLife's Vision PPO product:


Eye exams are an important part of overall wellness. They are the first step to correcting vision problems that can impact productivity. They also promote early detection of serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol – potentially helping to reduce overall health care costs.1



MetLife's standard benefit plans are based upon research, market trends and industry benchmarks. They cover a full range of brands and technologies for lens options, protecting employees and driving lower costs. Enrollees can also take advantage of discounts on non-prescription sunglasses, a second pair of glasses and more. Additionally, all plans include our Diabetes Awareness Program at no additional cost to you.



Help your clients customize and enhance their plans with supplemental benefits that help target their employees' needs. There are seven options to choose from that address a wide range of vision conditions and preferences.

  • Computer Vision Care
  • Safety Eye Care
  • Covered Contact Lenses
  • Second Pair
  • Diabetes Awareness Program
  • Vision Therapy
  • Low Vision


Your clients' employees get more opportunities to save on their out-of-pocket costs without losing the freedom to choose providers. Our network includes a large percentage of private practice providers, who typically charge less than retail chain locations.



Your clients' employees and their covered family members will get access to an extensive, high-quality network of ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. These providers work out of full-service private practice and retail chain locations, and offer a broad spectrum of eyewear options from classic styles to the latest designer frames.



By adding a vision plan alongside MetLife Dental, Life or Disability benefits, your clients get integrated, simplified implementation and billing with the service excellence you expect from MetLife.



You will be offering your clients' employees vision benefits from a brand they know and trust - this makes a world of difference. When employees feel confident in a carrier they are more likely to participate and be satisfied with their benefits.


MetLife Vision is available to groups with 10 or more eligible employees, with flexible contributions from 100% employer paid to 100% employee paid. For more information about our vision product please contact your MetLife representative.

1 National Institute of Health, Vision Problems, updated September 3, 2014. Accessed October 21, 2014.

2 Groups with fewer than 3,000 eligible employees can add up to three plan modifications, including services, lens options and supplemental vision benefits. For groups with 3,000 or more eligible employees, adding more than three plan modifications will be considered upon request.

Actual savings from enrolling in the MetLife Vision Plan will depend on various factors, including plan premiums, number of visits per year and the cost of services rendered. Additional discounts may not be available in certain states.

Benefits are underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166. Certain claims and network administration services are provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP).VSP is not affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or its affiliates.

Like most group benefit programs, benefit programs offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods, and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife or your plan administrator for costs and complete details.



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