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Continuing Education

Meet your continuing education (CE) requirements with MetLife’s state approved insurance continuing education options.

Covering topics from dental to vision to the ever changing workforce, these courses will help fuel your professional growth and increase your team’s potential.

  • Account Executives will conduct in person CE classes at your office
  • Intermediate Level One-Hour and Two-Hour Courses*
  • HRM credit offered with all courses

*Not all courses are available in every state

Contact your Account Executive to learn more

Choose from a range of courses including:


This course addresses the value of voluntary benefits, specifically an auto and home group insurance program, and offering this benefit through the workplace. We will highlight different coverages and plan designs offered through auto and home carriers. We will explain the role of the claims department and share some underwriting basics. We will then bring it together by explaining why an employer would want to offer an auto and home group insurance program to their employees.

This course will help you recognize the importance of vision benefits and the role seeking eyecare services plays in promoting eye health and early detection of other conditions. You will also understand the basics of the vision care industry, including both healthcare delivery and eyewear manufacturing and distribution. You will better understand the fundamentals of the vision benefits industry, including the basic components of vision benefits and the competitive landscape.

Dental benefits are often mistakenly thought of as a “commodity”, and once in place do not require much change.  However, are dental plans of the past keeping pace with the changing benefits environment, employers’ benefits objectives and demands, and advances in clinical research and our thirst for technology? The purpose of this two-hour course is to help you understand the latest trends in the world of dental benefits and how they may impact your customers. You will learn to modernize dental plan designs to be current with market trends and consistent with the practice of dentistry today. You will also gain an understanding of how to evaluate the impact dental networks have on price, plan value and employee savings.

This course is focused on providing you disability basics. We’ll dive into the need for income protection and statistics around the prevalence of disability. You’ll learn how to differentiate disability programs and what to look for in a plan.

This course provides a practical roadmap to implement or improve a financial wellness program. We put a human face on financial wellness, focusing on employee concerns and what financial wellness looks like. By leveraging video clips of employee interviews and quotes throughout the presentation, the information provided is more “real world” and less theoretical, grounded in inspired strategies. 

This course is intended to help you better understand the financial impact of premature death by sharing the results of a study conducted by MetLife in 2015 and comparing the results to those of the previous study conducted in 2009.

Globally-mobile employees’ healthcare needs are globally dynamic. These employees benefit from having programs and healthcare solutions tailored to their unique and specific needs, which helps improve the success of international assignments, boost productivity and keep families safe.

Finding the right balance between providing benefit security and maintaining financial efficiency is a top of mind concern for U.S. employers in both the private and public sector. This intermediate level course has been designed to educate financial and insurance agents, brokers, and consultants on how to help clients better manage their employer-paid group term retiree life insurance by establishing a strategy that that includes reducing/discontinuing, funding and/or transferring the liability to an insurance carrier.

This course is based on research that identifies macro trends impacting the business of insurance and the insurance solutions that agents and brokers sell. For an agent or broker to make informed recommendations on insurance products and solutions to employers, it is imperative that they understand the drivers that play a role into product and plan design, sales, enrollment and communication of those solutions.This course is designed to present you with information and recommendations that lead to actionable ideas. The analysis presented should spark conversation between employers, intermediaries and benefit providers. These conversations will give rise to creative strategies for optimizing benefits solutions provided to the market.

Worksite benefits can create a win-win solution for both employees and employers. This course provides an overview of worksite benefits, enrollment methods, marketplace trends, products typically offered and benefit  communications firms and their role in the worksite benefits marketplace. It is necessary to understand how to encourage employers to offer worksite benefits and to communicate the value they can add for an employer and their employees.