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Marketing for maximum participation

With MetLife, you’ll work with experts in the association and affinity business to create a successful communications campaign.  Our products are complemented by our marketing skills.  Our team has years of award winning consumer campaigns under its belt.  The team’s knowledge of the ins and outs of communicating with members will help drive participation. You can rely on MetLife to help:

  • Develop customized, integrated plans using our proprietary predictive modeling and targeting techniques. This allows us to determine who is most likely to be interested in a particular benefit.  
  • Use best practices to create attention-grabbing marketing programs, including core messages for different targets to drive response, conversion and participation.
  • Apply list segmentation to create targeted campaigns and eliminate irrelevant messages.
  • Use multi-channel communications, which yield better response rates.
  • Test and refine to make it better.  The results of every campaign are analyzed and reviewed for key insights that are incorporated into future campaigns.
Since the best results are achieved when we work together, we begin by listening to your goals for the program. We use all member insights and data available to assess the organization and employ modeling techniques to determine likely participants. We’ll use our marketing expertise to create highly targeted, customized messages that are designed to inspire action.

Since we’ve executed diverse marketing campaigns for our nearly 2,000 group customers, we know how to reach members. To that end, we are able to leverage a wide range of campaign support materials and communication channels -- including decision-support tools, education materials, online and traditional direct marketing enrollment materials -- to help our customers achieve maximum participation.

Print Samples
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Auto Insurance

Dental Insurance

Online Samples
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Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Our support of your program doesn’t end with the member communication. MetLife will provide you with a detailed analysis of the results of your campaign and we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to refine the communications approach with the shared goal of increasing participation and satisfaction with the program.



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