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Managed Dental Plans

Group Dental

Managed Dental Plans in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas

Dental HMO/Managed Care plans deliver an extensive range of cost-effective plan choices.

The MET Series of Dental HMO/Managed Care plans is designed to align with the latest market trends, dental research and treatment protocols. For example, dental implants and white fillings on posterior teeth (molars) are standard coverages.

These plans provide a broader level of coverage than many traditional Dental HMO/Managed Care plans and they do more to simplify and clarify dental benefits – making it easier for employees and dental offices to understand what's covered. In addition to a robust network of participating providers, the MET Series provides:

  • More than 400 covered procedures1 - includes co-pays for services such as implants, veneers, white fillings, IV sedation, general anesthesia and nitrous oxide

  • Expanded preventive and diagnostic benefits - providing co-pays for procedures such as brush biopsies and additional cleanings when appropriate

  • Defined fees for materials and procedures requiring multiple services (e.g., root canals, crowns and bridges) - minimizing fee confusion

  • Benefiting orthodontic treatment in progress at initial group enrollment - making transition of care easier2

Plus, we offer Coinsurance Plans to help you lower benefit costs while simplifying the introduction of Dental HMO/Managed Care plans to employees who traditionally participate in DPPO plans.

  • With these plans, a member's out-of-pocket expenses for covered services are presented as percentages of what the plan covers, which may help employees compare coverage relative to DPPO plans to which they are accustomed.

For more information, contact your insurance broker or MetLife representative today.

1 Co-payments apply for many covered procedures and vary by procedure.
2 Continuing orthodontic treatment applies to groups with 2 or more eligible employees.

Dental Managed Care plan benefits are provided by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, a New York corporation, in NY. Dental HMO plan benefits are provided by: SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. a California corporation, in CA; SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. a Florida corporation, in FL; SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., a Texas corporation, in TX; and MetLife Health Plans, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, a New York corporation, in NJ. The Dental HMO/Managed Care companies are part of the MetLife family of companies. "Dental HMO" is used to refer to product designs that may differ by state of residence of the enrollee, including but not limited to: "Specialized Health Care Service Plans" in California; "Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations" as described in Chapter 636 of the Florida statutes in Florida; "Single Service Health Maintenance Organizations" in Texas; and "Dental Plan Organizations" as described in the Dental Plan Organization Act in New Jersey.

Like most group benefit programs, benefit programs offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions of benefits, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife for complete details


Managed Dental Plans

Learn more about the value of Dental HMO/Managed Care plans

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