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MetLife's consultative service approach provides you with information and research-based insights to help optimize your benefits offerings:

Turning Data Into Solutions
Employee absence and disability can take a toll on any organization; everything from cost and productivity to morale can suffer when associates are not able to work. Are you taking the appropriate steps to understand how your organization is impacted by absence and disability?
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Making the Decision to Outsource FMLA Administration - The Employer's Guide
Designed to take an employer that is considering outsourcing FML Administration through the decision process including pros and cons of the decision, what they will need to do and how MetLife approaches administration.
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Developing a Successful Return to Work Program
Maintaining productivity, quality of business and employee morale are concerns for many employers; employee disability can further complicate these issues by impacting workforce availability and employee engagement. How can you ensure that you are meeting both your company's and employees' needs when dealing with disability?
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Workplace Warriors: The Corporate Response to Deployment and Reintegration
Access best practices in human resources and disability management that lead to the successful reintegration of employees returning from military duty.
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Essentials of Disability…

MetLife’s point of view (POV) educates on the potential need for disability insurance.

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