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Employee Communications

Employee Communications

To effectively communicate the value of adequate life insurance, employers should consider tailoring their life insurance benefit message to their unique audiences.  Targeted messages to specific employee groups, for example, women, about the need for appropriate life insurance coverage can help raise awareness and motivate employees to review their life insurance needs and make any necessary adjustments.


EnrollSmartSM is an innovative, turn-key supplemental life insurance enrollment program available to employers with 1,000+ employees1. EnrollSmartSM offers a smart, practical solution that will help you increase both the visibility and the value of your life insurance program through effective employee communications.

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  • Maximize the value of the benefits you already offer

  • Set-up a complete enrollment program – at minimal or no cost

  • Help your employees use their benefits more effectively

  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction with their benefits

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Segmented Communications: Women & Life Insurance:

Women & Life 1st Sale Brochure   Women and Life Insurance is a suite of materials
   that target the female workforce.  
   Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Materials Brochure Thumbnail   For Your Employees 
   These materials can work as either part of your
   annual enrollment or as part of an
   EnrollSmartSM program. 

Like most group life insurance policies, MetLife group policies contain certain exclusions, limitations, and reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact us for costs and complete details.

1 1,000+ employees required for new enrollments, 3,000+ employees required for re-enrollment of existing customers. 

2 is a document service provided by SmartLegalForms, Inc., an affiliate of Epoq Group, Ltd. SmartLegalForms, Inc. is not affiliated with MetLife and the service is separate and apart from any insurance or service provided by MetLife. The service does not provide access to an attorney, does not provide legal advice, and may not be suitable for your specific needs. Please consult with your financial, legal, and tax advisors for advice with respect to such matters.

Group Term Life is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166. Policy Form GPNP99.



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