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MetLife Defender

MetLife Defender

Every 3 seconds, another person becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud in the U.S.1

In today's digital world, employees rely on the Internet for routine activities, which often require the sharing of personal information. While this is convenient, there is always a risk for security breaches, fraud and identity theft.

The Right Solutions

MetLife Defender monitors and protects against the full range of today's Internet threats, including fraud and identity theft—ultimately helping to secure your employees' digital identity. It goes beyond traditional identity protection services by proactively monitoring for the existence of potential online threats, and working to prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Offering access in the workplace is a convenient, easy way to provide peace of mind to employees while enhancing the competitiveness of your company's overall benefits package.

Comprehensive Range of Protection

Protects employees' personal, financial, and health and medical data by leveraging at least 3x as many data points as other products:

  • Identity theft and personal data protection: MetLife Defender's patented technology and digital forensics guard against suspicious activity around social media accounts, driver's license numbers and passport numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and more.
  • Health data protection: Features enhanced security against medical fraud by scanning for exposure of insurance numbers, Medicaid and Medicare information; works in real-time to detect exposure of personal health information and track data to the source of the threat.
  • Financial data protection: Continuously monitors all on-file credit and debit card numbers, bank account and other personal financial information.
  • Online child safety: Protects against child identity theft by continuously scanning for children's social security numbers. Specially developed, easy-to-use social media apps guard against threats from cyber predators and cyberbullying.

Key features

  • Comprehensive personal ID theft protection – covering 25 data points
  • Patented Deep Internet Protection including peer-to-peer network scanning, remediation and alerts
  • Child protection services including cyberbullying and cyber predation monitoring
  • 24/7 Internet Security Experts
  • Lost Wallet Protection and junk mail opt out services
  • Employee, Spouse/Domestic Partner and Children Coverage*
  • Proactive Risk Alerts
  • $5M Service Guarantee**

MetLife Defender services are provided by Tiversa Holding Corp. (Tiversa) by agreement with MetLife Consumer Services, Inc. (MetLife). Tiversa is not affiliated with MetLife. MetLife Defender is not insurance. MetLife Defender services are subject to the terms and conditions of the MetLife Defender End User Agreement.

1 2013 Identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy & Research

*Children ages 18-26 receive their own account/dashboard.

**If an employee becomes a victim of fraudulent activity involving unauthorized use of personal information resulting from the failure of or defect in MetLife Defender services, the MetLife Defender Service Guarantee will pay up to $5 million to third-party professionals for services that MetLife Defender deems reasonably necessary to recover the employee's out-of-pocket losses resulting from the fraudulent activity. The Service Guarantee is subject to conditions, exclusions and limitations.



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Beyond Identity Theft

See what makes MetLife Defender so much more beneficial than the average identity theft protection program.

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