The communications stored in this hub are for customers with under 500 lives to support the kickoff of new benefits and/or the customer’s annual enrollment period.  

It is recommended to send each customer a mix of communications based on when their enrollment period begins. You can reference the Customer Engagement Journey slide to see which phase of enrollment each type of communication fits into.

This is the journey that employees go through during benefits enrollment. Our communications help employees with awareness, engagement and education of benefits that then leads to enrollment.

Awareness/Engagement/Education communications: send to employees 2 weeks before OE begins

Enrollment communications: send at the start of your OE period

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Your first step is to create a customer folder using the “Collection” function. Click on CREATE CUSTOMER FOLDER button on the home page. Once you’re redirected to the “collections” page, click the blue “Create” button in the top right corner.

Label your folder the name of your customer and hit “Create” (you will receive a Success message once your customer folder is created).

Use the back arrow to navigate back to the product folders or choose “Files” from the left hand sidebar and click on the “Products” folder. You can then access the various product folders and start choosing the communications you want to send to your customer.

Click on a product folder to access the contents. Toggle over each communication and choose the checkmark for any communication you want to add to your customer folder. Once you have selected the communications, click “To Collection” in the top left corner.

Click on the correct customer folder and click the blue “Add” button.

You can repeat this step adding communications from various product folders. Click on the product folder dropdown in the middle of your screen and choose “Products” to navigate back to all folders. Or, use your back arrow.

Attached are employee enrollment communications to use during your upcoming open enrollment period.

Once you click the link, hover over the folder and choose “Download”. The folder will be downloaded as a zipped file, and you can save as and unzip/extract or open and save each individual communication within the folder.

The videos and flyers can be provided to your employees prior to open enrollment to learn more about the need, features and services of the benefits and the email can be sent at the start of OE to drive enrollments.

Please reach out with any questions at all. Thank you!

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