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Customer Focus

Listening to Our Customers

Every year, MetLife serves millions of customers around the globe. We listen closely to customer needs and work hard to provide easy access to and comprehensive support for our products. We know that in today’s changing world, we need to give customers what they want, when they want it, through platforms of their choice.

We are investing heavily in our digital transformation, to update foundational standards for our business, capture areas of competitive advantage and accelerate disruptive innovation. Digital is core to our success, and it’s at the center of our enterprise strategy. It allows us to do more for — and with — our customers, and do it faster, simpler and more easily.

Based on what we have learned from customers and through the process of transforming our company’s strategy and operational practices, we have also created a standard new product development process. We are now fully focused on producing products that meet the precise needs of our customers.