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Alzheimer's Disease

Empowering Older Adults

With over 25 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer's disease and rates expected to double within the next 15 years, we are facing a 21st century epidemic.

Alzheimer's disease has a profound effect on the individual and their family and while a cure is eagerly anticipated, MetLife Foundation is working to increase public understanding to help people prepare for the many challenges surrounding the disease. The Foundation also provides support for Alzheimer's disease research and public education campaigns.

Awards for Medical Research in Alzheimer's Disease
Provide research grants enabling outstanding scientists to pursue their work. Winners each receive a $200,000 research grant for their respective institutions and a personal prize of $50,000. MetLife Foundation has honored more than 70 outstanding scientists and awarded more than $13 million through the program. 

What America Thinks, MetLife Foundation Alzheimer's Survey
Reveals a majority of U.S. adults polled know little about Alzheimer's and have made no plans for the possibility of developing it. The findings also demonstrate the growing prevalence of the disease: 44% indicated having family members or friends with Alzheimer's. Download report

More Programs
A Quick Look at Alzheimer's "Pocket" Films Collapsed Expanded

Provide a basic understanding of the disease, its impact on patients and their families and progress toward finding a cure. These five short videos are designed to be shared and viewed anywhere and are available in 13 languages. 

See video

Hispanic Outreach Collapsed Expanded

Increase awareness of the disease among U.S. Hispanics through outreach efforts conducted in Spanish and English. Projects include online workshops on the basics of the disease and early detection, tips for caregivers and links to local resources.