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April 2015: Healthy Employees, Healthy Employers – The Benefits of Wellness Programs

The Benefits of Non-Medical Health Benefits

By MetLife

Offering non-medical health benefits such as dental and vision, which encourage regular doctor visits, can do more than improve vision and oral health. These benefits can actually help employees stay healthy, reduce absenteeism, improve employee productivity, and reduce health care costs for both employers and employees. Read More...

Wellness Programs at Work: Good for Employees and Great for the Company

By Entrepreneur

Wellness programs at the office have gained popularity in recent years. It's no wonder why this trend has caught on. For businesses to run like well-oiled machines, the people who work within them need to be at their best. Using wellness programs not only benefits individuals, but can keep companies healthy moving forward. Read More...

Bringing Emotional, Financial Health Into the Wellness Equation

By Human Resource Executive

Historically, wellness programs have looked to uncover health-risk factors and disease and offer ways to reduce costs by offering disease management, gym memberships, yoga classes or other health-boosting activities. But experts point out that companies are rethinking the way they're approaching wellness, adding new, innovative initiatives that aim to boost employee health, engagement and productivity in their organizations. Read More...

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