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December 2014: Creating Strategic Benefit Programs with Data

Customization Nation: How to Deliver Benefits That Fit Individual Employees' Needs

By Kim Friedman, MetLife

The American workforce is more diverse than ever, with multiple generations in the workplace and employees from a range of backgrounds. Employers are facing a new challenge of making sure the wide-ranging needs of this diverse workforce are being met. Adding to the challenge, MetLife's research shows 80% of employees value benefits that are personalized to their circumstances and age. Learn how employers can address the call for customization without busting their benefits budgets and adding extra stress to already overloaded resources. Read More...

Using Data to Drive Smarter Benefits Decision-Making

By Entrepreneur

Business owners and their HR personnel are faced with the task of diligently comparing plans and choosing between multiple offerings their companies can afford. The process can be daunting, especially if the company is small with limited resources. Instead of relying on a gut feeling, which is tempting to do, using data can empower small businesses to make the best choices possible for their teams. Read More...

Are You Empowered?

By Tom Starner, Human Resource Executive

The rapid emergence of HR data and analytics is transforming the world of benefits in new and exciting ways. The critical challenge, experts say, is how benefits professionals can best use data to shape more cost-effective programs that meet the needs of employees. With the help of data and analytics, employers are in a much better position today to shape a benefit strategy that creates world-class workplaces. Read More...

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