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March 2014: Small Businesses: Pushing the Benefits Envelope

Small Business: Building Loyalty with Benefits

By David Mills, MetLife

Happy, productive and loyal employees are key to the success of any business. According to MetLife's 12th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, employee benefits are an important factor behind employee loyalty – as well as being significant reasons why employees go to work for and remain with their employer. Learn how small businesses can leverage benefits to meet their business objectives of attracting and retaining top talent. Read More...

Using Social Media to Engage Employees, Push Initiatives and Enhance Company Culture

By Wendy Narez, Entrepreneur Magazine

Social media is not only a popular avenue for businesses to market their products and services, it can be an effective tool to engage employees and encourage internal communications. Leveraging the popularity of social networks to deliver company news or push HR initiatives such as open enrollment can be a strategic way for small businesses connect to their team. Read More...

Small Businesses Should "Think Big" When It Comes to Benefits

By Tom Starner, Human Resource Executive

Small businesses face the same challenges as all employers when it comes to benefits – how best to create an employee benefits package that balances affordability with employee needs. And while the balancing act can be like a high-wire act, small businesses can still "think big" in terms of benefits by being creative with their limited resources. Read More...

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