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December 2014: Data Driven Decision
Creating valuable benefits programs is the goal of every benefit professional. Learn how using data strategically can help shape more cost-effective programs that meet the needs of employers and employees alike.

September 2014: Meeting the Needs of a Multi-Generational Workforce
The American workforce is more diverse than ever, with multiple generations in the workplace and employees from a range of backgrounds. How do you satisfy the benefits needs of your entire employee population from Millennials to Gen X to Baby Boomers? Discover how understanding each of their unique concerns and addressing them with relevant benefits offerings can be the key to a successful and cost-effective benefits program.

July 2014: Getting Ahead of the Enrollment Curve
Annual enrollment season is an important opportunity for employees to make sure they have the proper protection in place to meet their needs. Explore five ways to increase employee engagement, learn how to take an entrepreneurial approach enrollment season and discover how the the C-suite can influence the effectiveness of your enrollment program.

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