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May 2013: New Twists on Enrollment Communications

The Family and Medical Leave Act: Considerations for Small Businesses

By Paul D. Taylor, MetLife

Keeping current with the continually-evolving statutory and regulatory environment of the FMLA and similar state laws can be daunting for any employer – but especially for small businesses who face their own unique challenges when it comes to navigating complex FMLA regulations and state laws. Explore the benefits for small businesses to outsource some of the administrative duties associated with leave requests. Read More...

FMLA At 20: Employers Must Manage, Update Leave Policy Regularly

By Tom Starner, Human Resource Executive

It's been 20 years since President Clinton signed the landmark Family and Medical Leave Act. And while the FMLA has had a positive effect on the lives of millions of workers and their families, the impact on employers hasn't always been as clear-cut. As a result, say FMLA experts, employers need to pay particularly close attention as they develop their policies and practices involving FMLA. Read More...

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