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Regional Service Centers1 – right there alongside members

In the US, we have "in network" and "out of network" benefits. But internationally, members can see any provider they like. So when we talk about networks internationally, we mean "direct pay providers."

A direct pay provider is a provider that has agreed to bill MetLife rather than the member. Billing MetLife directly reduces the member burden of paying out-of-pocket.

MetLife's direct pay network has the following benefits to members:

  • Receive the care they need
  • Visit a doctor from our large network
  • No need to worry about eligibility - the provider calls MetLife to verify
  • No need to worry about billing - the provider bills MetLife directly
  • No need to pay out-of-pocket or file a claim
  • Leave appointment with no further action needed
  • No need to contact MetLife
  • Access vetted and credentialed providers hand-picked for international assignees
  • Access to discounts and local fee schedules
  • Visit a doctor from our large network

1 Some Regional Service Centers are operated by MetLife affiliates and some by third parties contracted by MetLife.

2 Cost savings are largely the result of the purchasing power of the RSCs and their ability to monitor local providers. The percentage of savings are estimates based on local bill rates and fixed price schedules.

3 Cost savings will depend on the national healthcare network used. Cost savings are largely the result of the purchasing power of the networks to which the US RSC provides access and their ability to monitor providers.

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