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Health and Wellness Reporting

Healthcare costs keep rising, thanks to global cost pressures. Our sophisticated global and local medical reports available through MAXIS and MetLife local insurers provide a holistic view of local health issues by identifying country-specific trends and cost drivers for your employees.
Our Reporting Approach

Our Reports  

The Global Employee Benefits Health and Wellness team works with local MetLife affiliates to deliver a suite of three reports: Paid Claims, Incurred Claims and Country Benchmark. Identify the top health claims drivers of your employees with claims sorted by population, utilization and provider.

Paid Claims Reports

Compare how claims were spent year-over-year in each country with the distribution graphs featured in our paid claims reports. Track claims spending by age group, benefit category, International Classification of Diseases (ICD) diagnostic groups and providers.

Incurred Claims Reports

Identify cost drivers and utilization trends in each country through census-based utilization and per-member-per-year metrics in our incurred claims reports. These reports reveal root causes of year-over-year changes through breakdowns of incidence, frequency and member cost sharing by benefit category, ICD diagnostic group and provider. 

Country Benchmark Reports

Country-specific benchmark reports provide data on local healthcare use, enabling employers to better assess their experience against national trends. Break down claims by age group, benefit category, ICD diagnostic groups and payment dates to track country-specific trends.

Programs & Toolkits

Explore the Health and Wellness programs and toolkits available to maintain the health of your employee population.

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