Dental Health Manager

An online tool that lets FEDVIP participants assess and manage their oral health.
Son brushing his teeth alongside parent

How it works:

  • Plan participants create an account and log into MyBenefts.
  • Eligible Federal participants complete an Oral Health Risk Assessment (OHRA) questionnaire to assess overall health, previously diagnosed conditions, family history and lifestyle factors.
  • Using information from the OHRA questionnaire as well as claims utilization, if available, we send participants an online report card with their risk and disease scores.
  • The report card includes an action plan and links to relevant articles and tools in needs in MetLife's Oral Health Library.
  • Participants receive a reminder email recommending they retake the assessment 12 months later to track their progress over time. 

The Dental Health Manager is a great way to drive participation among eligible Federal Employees—with minimal administration for you. You can direct participants to the MyBenefits website to register and learn more.