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Stages of Retirement

Retirement Stages

Find out what you need to do before, during, and after you retire to make your money last.

Whether you're saving for retirement, nearing retirement, or already in retirement, MetLife has the experience to help you at every stage.

We can help you create a personalized retirement strategy that meets your specific needs, while helping you potentially grow and protect your retirement assets.

If your retirement is years away, saving for retirement offers you information on how to:

  • Save early for a later potential payoff
  • Explore different types of investments that can give you the potential to grow your retirement savings

If you're nearing retirement you'll learn about ways to:

  • Turn your retirement savings into a guaranteed lifelong income
  • Make retirement plan "catch-up" contributions
  • Maximize your Social Security benefits
  • Plan ahead for rising healthcare costs

If you're in retirement, we have strategies on how you may:

  • Generate and protect immediate retirement income
  • Make the most of Medicare and Medigap insurance
  • Work in retirement and manage your Social Security benefits

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