Employee Action

Employee Action

  • Inform your manager, at soon as you can in advance of your leave when possible. Contact MetLife at (855) 229-7304
  • Register on mybenefits.metlife.com for updates and helpful resources. When registering on MyBenefits you will need your social security number.
  • When received, please sign the MetLife medical authorization
  • Coordinate your return to work between your doctors and your employer

Initial review and decision

  1. Your employee will receive an initial decision on your leave within 7 calendar days and will be notified of the decision. Employees can check the status of their claim by visiting www.metlife.com/mybenefits
  2. If you are asked to submit supporting documentation, please make sure your claim number is in the subject line and email. Requested information can be submitted via email to : Cignaclaims@metlife.com.
  3. In addition to sending attachments and checking the status of their claim on MetLife’s MyBenefits website, employees can use the MetLife mobile app. MetLife’s U.S. App. Download MetLife’s U.S. App via your Smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.
  4. In addition to phone and letter notifications, employees may also subscribe to text message updates on their claim by going to MetLife’s MyBenefits website and following the prompts for text subscription after registration, or by going to the Profile section and selecting Communication Preferences to submit/edit their mobile phone number.

Ongoing evaluation 

  1. MetLife will periodically contact you and your health care provider(s) to evaluate your status, treatment plan, functional abilities and return to work plan. To ensure the proper handling and evaluation of your claim, collaboration of all parties are necessary.