Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave (MA PFML)


Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave (MA PFML)

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave (MA PFML)

In combination of other Dana-Farber benefits, MA PFML now offers job protection and paid benefits while you are out and ease your mind in a time of need.1

If you become unable to work for personal or family reasons, how can you ensure you will have the time and resources to pay your bills? Under the new MA PFML plan, eligible full-time and part-time staff members may take up to 26 weeks of leave for combined family or personal circumstances.

In Massachusetts, paid family leave lets you look after a sick family member, bond with a newborn or adopted child, or step in for a family member on active duty in the armed forces. And if you become seriously ill yourself, you may qualify for paid medical leave. Under MA PFML, your benefits include:

  • Spending valuable time with loved ones or recuperating your health, when care is needed most.
  • Experiencing reduced financial interruptions, allowing you to focus on the personal aspects of your leave.

MA PFML runs concurrently with Massachusetts Parental Leave, Family Medical Leave, and short- and long-term disability insurance, where applicable. Ease the burden of your personal circumstances with financial relief and job security.

Eligibility: All staff members receiving a MA W-2 who have worked for 15 weeks or more and have earned at least $5,400 in the 12 month period immediately preceding leave.


  • MA PFML benefit calculations are a 2-step process based on the state’s average weekly wage.
  • The benefit is up to  $1,129.82/week for 2023 and up to $1,149.90 for 2024. The State re-evaluates the benefits each year in October.

Waiting Period: 7 calendar days (Note: waiting period does not apply to child birth recovery and bonding taken by birth mother when taken immediately following child birth recovery). If the Staff member takes leave prior to the expected delivery date it must be medically supported.

Maximum Weekly Benefit: Up to $1,129.82/week for 2023 and up to $1,149.90 for 2024. Please note this benefit is combined with STD benefits when applicable.

Maximum Benefit Duration: 20 weeks for a staff member’s own serious health condition, 12 weeks for Family and Bonding leaves, limited to a total combined duration of 26 weeks for Family and Medical Leave in a rolling calendar year, 26 weeks for Military Care and 12 weeks for Military Exigency.

Bonding Leave: Birth mothers can transition directly into Bonding Leave after their child birth recovery medical Leave ends or wait and take Bonding Leave within 12 months of the birth. The wait period would apply to bonding leave if the birth mother returns to work after the medical leave and before bonding time. Birth mother has choice of taking bonding immediately following STD (and waiting period will not apply), or taking bonding at a later date within 12 months of birth (waiting period would apply).

Coordination with other leaves: MA PFML runs concurrently with all qualified leave types including MA PL, FMLA, and leaves for a disability.  MA PFML is an offset to your income under disability. Most staff members will receive 70% of their pre-disability earnings from their disability plan. Staff members can use accrued time to supplement paid leave benefits, up to 100% pay.

What's new with MA PFML?

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What is Paid Family & Medical Leave?


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