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With the Baby Boomers entering retirement, the topic of post-employment benefits and retirement security is very much at the forefront for plan sponsors and their advisors. Due to a broad array of factors, an employer's approach to benefit programs - and particularly to the funding of such programs - has taken on greater complexity than ever before.

MetLife can help. Our Corporate Benefit Funding (CBF) group consists of a highly-skilled team of professionals - bringing together a broad array of insurance, actuarial, investment, capital markets, tax, accounting and legal experts - focused on developing practical benefit solutions designed to increase financial flexibility and achieve positive financial results for clients.


MetLife takes a consultative approach with its clients to assess, mitigate, and transfer risks associated with qualified and non-qualified plans, including retirement, executive, and welfare benefits.

We understand that yesterday's and today's promises become tomorrow's costs. The challenge for businesses is to balance company and employee objectives, while considering benefit liabilities, cash flow requirements, and other financial impacts. Our team is experienced and proficient in analyzing liabilities, projecting future cash flows, assessing potential volatility, and developing solutions accordingly.

Our approach is rooted in over a half-century of experience observing how actual benefit plan risks behave over a broad range of economic cycles and managing them effectively. Our core competencies in insurance, risk analysis, and managing assets in the context of the liabilities they support enable us to protect against the unknown, and help us make the uncertain more predictable for plan sponsors and plan participants alike.



MetLife understands that one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to benefits and benefit liabilities. Our solutions can be as diverse and flexible as the issues they are meant to solve, and the clients for whom they are constructed. We use a spectrum of life and annuity-based insurance and investment products to address pension risk management, post-employment and deferred compensation benefits, and retirement income needs in a comprehensive and integrated way. These solutions also help establish stability and predictability relative to market dynamics while providing plan participants with peace of mind.

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