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Massachusetts Assigned Risk Producers

MetLife Auto & Home®

Deferred Operator Request
If a deferred operator request is submitted with a MAIP application, Underwriting will require a copy of the declarations page as proof of other insurance for the driver who is requested to be deferred.

CARCO Automobile Inspections
Automobile inspections should be referred to CARCO. You can use the CARCO Website or phone number to determine the most convenient CARCO site for your customer. Visit the CARCO site or call this phone number 888-242-1200.

Welcome Packet
Download the Assigned Risk Welcome packet for details to assist you in answering client questions, providing supporting documentation, submitting payments and more.

Contact Information

  • MAIP New Business Processing and Status: 800-255-0332

  • Agency Response Center: 800-255-0332

    For Agents only. Please contact the Agency Response Center for all policy changes or endorsements, billing inquiries and changes, and coverage verification.

  • Voluntary Rate Quote: 1-800-545-4282 
    For Agents Only. The CAR application, in addition to our Supplemental Underwriting Questionnaire, must be completed to receive the most accurate voluntary rate quote. Please feel free to contact us to request a voluntary rate quote for specific risks, once you have obtained all of the necessary information. 

  • Correspondence Address: 
    MetLife Auto & Home 
    PO Box 6060 
    Scranton, PA 18505-6060
  • Correspondence Fax: 866-743-4890

  • Claim Department: 800-854-6011

  • Commission Questions: 800-638-3012

Payment Information

  • Minimum Down Payments:

    • ExpressIT® or Monthly Recurring Credit Card (RCC): 10%
    • All Other Payment Plans: 25%, with the exception of applicants that meet Rule 21.C.3.

    The applicant is required to provide a premium deposit of 80% of the MAIP premium if prior cancellation for nonpayment/default of premium within the past two years has occurred for the applicant.  Should you have any questions, please refer to CAR Rule of Operation 28.  Corporate policy prohibits the use of your personal credit card or your business credit card to make payments on behalf of your customer. This applies to all payment types.

  • New Business Downpayments Address 

    Attn: New Business 
    MetLife Auto & Home 
    PO Box 751476 
    Dayton, OH 45475

  • Mid-Term Payments 

    MetLife Auto & Home 
    Lockbox #41753, 
    400 White Clay Center Drive, 
    Newark, DE  19711

  • Electronic Payments: Customers may submit payments online through the eSERVICE website ( Customers may view and pay bills by electronic funds transfer or credit card.
  • Phone Payments by Interactive Phone System
    • Customers: 800-422-4272
    • Agents: 800-255-0332
  • Payment Plans Available
    • 1 Pay Plan - Premium is paid in one installment.
    • 10 Pay Plan - After the required downpayment, the remaining premium is equally divided into nine installments.
    • Premium Finance
    • ExpressIT®
      • 10% downpayment
      • Automatic monthly withdrawal from the insured’s bank account
      • Insured can choose to have funds withdrawn on the 1st, 8th, 15th, or 22nd of each month
      • Authorization Form is required (ExpressIT Authorization Form MPL 1098-000)
    • Monthly Recurring Credit Card (RCC)

Forms and Required Documents
Assigned Risk Producer's (ARP) have two business days to mail the signed application, Supplemental MAIP Underwriting Questionnaire, premium deposit, and any other required documents to the Company. Should you have any questions, please refer to CAR Rule of Operation 31 at

MetLife Auto & Home’s performance standard regarding the timely issuance of a policy contemplates that the company has all the documentation it needs to issue the policy. Missing information may prevent us from being able to comply with the 15 day issuance requirement.