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Private Asset Origination


We are a significant originator of private assets which provide us with a competitive advantage in these markets. We seek to identify quality investments across the risk spectrum providing credit portfolio diversification. Our extensive field network of industry specialists is essential to generating and monitoring assets.

2016 Originations include:

Private Asset Advantages

  • Provides the ability to negotiate superior covenants, better quality collateral and remedies in the event of default.
  • MetLife leverages its substantial experience in the private sector through local market knowledge and long-standing industry relationships to originate high quality investments.

$145.3 Billion Private Assets Portfolio*

  • $53 Billion Commercial Mortgage Loans
  • $18.9 Billion Real Estate Equity (NAV)
  • $45.2 Billion Private Placements
  • $13.3 Billion Private Infrastructure
  • $14.9 Billion Agricultural Mortgage Loans

*Agricultural loans are MetLife general account only; all others include MetLife general account assets and assets managed on behalf of external clients as of 03/31/17.


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