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MetLife Private Capital Contacts

For new business inquiries, please contact:

Yvonne Guajardo
Head of Relationship Management


John Wills
Head of Corporate Private Placements


Nancy Doyle


Bill Gardner
Financials, Government, Media, Telecom, Technology, Environmental, Metals/Mining


Jennifer Potenta
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Supermarkets, Retailers, Consumer Products, Business Services


Fred Sporer
Chemicals, Energy


Atif Ahbab
Building Materials, Railroads, Transportation



Jason Rothenberg


Ewan Macaulay
Industrials, Media, Technology


Colin McGinlay
Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Oil and Gas


Peter Venter
Food, Beverage, Retailers



John Tanyeri
Head of Project Finance/Energy/Infrastructure


Michael Sing
Infrastructure, Project Finance, Gaming


Mansi Patel
Electric, Utilities, Project Finance


Filipe Cunha
Electric, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Project Finance



Stuart Ashton
Head of Leasing/Tax Equity


Mark Bisci
Leasing/Tax Equity


Matthew Sheedy
Head of Tax Credit/Social Investments


Doug Ohngemach
Leasing/Tax Equity


Smita Jain
Leasing/Tax Equity



Yvonne Guajardo
Head of Relationship Management


Bill Bujake
Relationahip Management


Rick Fischer
Relationship Management


Geert Henckens
Relationship Management - Europe



Lou Jug
Head of Institutional Client Group


Nela D'Agosta
Institutional Client Group


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