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MetLife Private Capital Contacts

For new business inquiries, please contact:

Yvonne Guajardo
Head of Relationship Management


John Wills
Head of Corporate Private Placements


Nancy Doyle


Bill Gardner
Financials, Government, Media, Telecom, Technology, Environmental, Metals/Mining


Ron Nirenberg
Food and Beverage, Restaurants, REITs, Lodging


Jennifer Potenta
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Supermarkets, Retailers, Consumer Products, Business Services


Fred Sporer
Chemicals, Energy


Rob Young
Aerospace/Defense, Airlines, Industrials, Construction, Machinery, Entertainment


Atif Ahbab
Building Materials, Railroads, Transportation



Jason Rothenberg


Ewan Macaulay
Industrials, Media, Technology


Peter Venter
Food, Beverage, Retailers


Laura Hames
Generalist, Building Materials



John Tanyeri
Head of Project Finance/Energy/Infrastructure


Michael Sing
Infrastructure, Project Finance, Gaming


Mansi Patel
Electric, Utilities, Project Finance


Filipe Cunha
Electric, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Project Finance



Stuart Ashton
Head of Leasing/Tax Equity


Mark Bisci
Leasing/Tax Equity


Matthew Sheedy
Head of Tax Credit/Social Investments


Doug Ohngemach
Leasing/Tax Equity


Smita Jain
Leasing/Tax Equity



Yvonne Guajardo
Head of Relationship Management


Rick Fischer
Relationship Management


Geert Henckens
Relationship Management - Europe



Lou Jug
Head of Investor Services


Nela D'Agosta
Investor Services


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