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Emerging Markets

Customized, actively managed bond portfolios.

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers investors an actively-managed Emerging Markets Debt Investment Grade Blended strategy that seeks to generate attractive current income and total return by investing in sovereign and corporate debt issuers across emerging markets.

Why Emerging Market Debt

  • Portfolio diversification by geography, risk and industry sectors
  • Compelling emerging markets growth and demographics

As Your Investment Manager

  • Management team averages over 20 years of institutional Emerging Markets investments experience
  • Regional offices provide local access and knowledge of relevant emerging markets
  • Leverages the capabilities of MIM’s internal resources, including access to teams focused on global market strategy, foreign currencies, derivatives, credit strategy and global research
  • Conducts vigorous fundamental credit analysis, whereby assets are selected based on credit quality and relative value
  • Closely monitor credits on an ongoing basis, with a sell discipline

Emerging Market Debt Solutions

  • Customized, Actively-Managed Bond Portfolios