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Leveraged Loans

Customized, actively managed Leveraged loan portfolios.

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers investors a customized, actively-managed Leveraged Loan strategy that seeks to generate attractive total return and current income through business cycles and changing market conditions. The strategy invests in leveraged loans issued by a wide range of global corporate borrowers, creating a diversified portfolio of floating rate assets.

Why Leveraged Loans

  • Potential for attractive long term spreads, with a floating rate structure that can provide upside in a rising interest rate environment 
  • Senior secured structure provides higher recoveries as compared to unsecured bonds
  • Potential for diversification with low correlation to other asset classes

As Your Investment Manager

  • A 20-year history of managing leveraged loans, with specialized analysts conducting fundamental, bottom-up bank loan research
  • Disciplined credit selection process, with emphasis on structure and quality of credit agreements
  • A robust risk management approach, with proactive and consistent monitoring of credit profiles

Leveraged Loans Solutions

  • Customized, Actively-Managed Leveraged Loan Portfolios