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U.S. Taxable Municipals

Actively-managed U.S. Municipal bond portfolios.

MetLife Investment Management (“MIM”) offers investors a Taxable U.S. Municipal Income strategy through an actively-managed bond portfolio that seeks to generate attractive current income and total return across business cycles and changing market conditions by investing principally in publicly-traded, U.S. Dollar-denominated taxable bonds issued by U.S. municipal entities.

Why U.S. Taxable municipals

  • Taxable Municipals are generally highly rated, long-duration assets
  • Potential for enhanced yield relative to comparable rated corporate bonds
  • Taxable Municipals may improve diversification of credit risk and total returns compared to fixed income alternatives

As Your Investment Manager

  • MIM actively investing in Taxable Municipal market since 1996
  • Senior investment team has an average of over 19 years of investment experience
  • Research-oriented culture: dedicated team utilizes proprietary fundamental research that is complimented by a robust risk management process
  • Size and scale can provide access to transaction flow and issuer management team
  • Integrated, global investment platform includes views and research across sectors, including macroeconomic strategy

U.S. Taxable Municipals Solutions

  • Actively-Managed U.S. Municipal Bond Portfolios