Corporate Private Placements

Managed accounts customized to each client’s unique needs

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers a Corporate Private Placement strategy that seeks to originate high quality private debt with enhanced yield and diversification characteristics. For institutional investors, MIM offers managed accounts customized to each client’s unique needs or circumstances. The clients’ investments are tailored to a wide range of maturities as well as to diversification by risk, country, sector and currency, and structured as fixed and/or floating rate debt.

Why Corporate Private Placements

  • Covenants can create additional income possibilities
  •  Potential spread premium to public bonds
  •  Portfolio diversification
  •  Fixed and floating rate notes enable liability matching

As Your Investment Manager

  • 100+ years of private placements experience
  •  Management team averages 18 years with MIM
  •  Performance and accountability-oriented culture is supported by 20 corporate private placements professionals
  •  Industry-focused team with deep issuer relationships
  •  Access to issuers can produce better terms in a competitive environment
  •  Large size and breadth helps to enable exclusive deal access

Corporate Private Placement Solutions

  • Custom Managed Account Structures